It is our passion to create wooden furniture that reminds in terms of form and especially quality of the 1960s – the great time of design furniture. Our ambition is to create something permanent, of high quality which even after many years is still beautiful and solid.

Exclusively solid wood of regional felling. Therefore, the choice of types is restricted to oak, ash, elm and maple. We purchase our wood at a tradional wood store which already supplied grandfather. The treatment of the surface is carried out with linseed oil spread with a linen sheet and polished manually. Screws and fittings are not visible. The table also looks good from below.

Our examples are the great Danish architects of the 1960s. Those who once bought a piece of furniture of Arne Jacobsen, Ole Wanscher, Börge Mogensen or any other of the great architects of that time, will never give it away. This furniture is completely timeless due to its restriction to the essential and its rectilinearity. This is how our furniture also is supposed to be.
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